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4 Fun Teeth Facts

dentist BismarckHuman anatomy, including dental structures is fascinating. While most people know that they should brush their teeth and receive routine checkups from their dentist, there are many aspects of teeth that aren’t well-known to the general public. Following are four fun teeth facts that might surprise you.

Teeth Can Reveal Quite a Lot About a Person’s Life

You probably know that the condition of a person’s teeth can be used to solve crimes. Popular shows like CSI have shown us that dental records and post-mortem analyses of teeth can play a vital role in identifying crime victims.

Studying the conditions of teeth is also important to understanding the lifestyle and culture of ancient civilizations. Anthropologists and historians can learn about the dietary habits of a population, their hygiene practices, and their quality of life from the conditions of its inhabitants’ teeth.

Similarly, you might be surprised to know that your dentist can learn a lot about you after a dental examination including whether you’re stressed out, consuming foods too high in sugar and/or acid, and if you’re brushing and flossing properly.

Each Tooth is Unique

Like a fingerprint, no two teeth are identical. Each tooth in your mouth has unique characteristics. Additionally, your teeth can vary substantially from a family member’s.

The Crowns of Teeth Are Present in Infants

Teeth start forming while a baby is in the womb. When babies are born, the crowns of their teeth are sitting just beneath the surface of their gums. These teeth will begin to emerge around six months after birth.

Flossing is Just as Important as Brushing

Many people mistakenly believe that brushing is all that’s necessary to keep our teeth and gums in great shape. While brushing is certainly important, overlooking flossing can lead to the development of gum disease and cavities. Flossing is the best method for removing surface debris and food particles that accumulate deep within teeth and just below the gum line.

Keeping your teeth in great shape involves committing to proper oral hygiene and keeping routine appointments for cleanings and checkups. Call Brend Dental today to schedule a dental checkup or professional cleaning.

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