4 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

dental implants BismarckDental implants have become a very popular and effective solution for managing tooth loss. The implant is a small titanium post that is embedded in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Once healed, the procedure is completed by attaching a cosmetic restoration that has been made to match surrounding teeth.

Facts About Dental Implants 

  1. Once the implant has been placed and healing completed, the bone in your jaw has encompassed the implant providing the strength needed to support the tooth replacement that covers it. Just like roots that hold your natural teeth in place, the dental implant serves a similar purpose. And the implant is designed to last a lifetime.
  2. Even though the dental implant process starts with a surgical procedure, there is little downtime. Most patients are able to resume their normal schedule within a few days with minimal discomfort. An over the counter analgesic is usually sufficient, if needed at all.
  3. The cosmetic prosthesis that will cover the implant is the ideal solution to protect surrounding teeth. Designed to look and act just like your natural tooth, it will fit comfortably and function perfectly. Adjacent teeth will benefit from the bone support provided by the implant. And since the enhancement is man-made, you will never have to worry about dental decay. However, you must still brush and floss to protect this area from gum disease.
  4. Even if you have a bridge, partial, or denture already in place, you can still opt for a more permanent solution with dental implants. Since many tooth replacements merely rest on top of gum tissue, a consultation with your implant dentist will demonstrate how you can improve your oral condition with dental implants.

The Aesthetic Value of Dental Implants

While fit and function are certainly two of the top reasons patients opt for dental implants, you can’t put a dollar value on the self-confidence you will enjoy once your tooth loss has been resolved with dental implants.

In addition to the improvements in your appearance, you will enjoy being able to eat all your favorite foods without fear of tooth movement or discomfort from clasps or brackets that are often needed with other types of tooth replacements.

Improved dental health, the convenience of permanent tooth replacement, and a beautifully restored smile are just a few of the many reasons to pursue dental implants.

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