Be Equipped For A Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist BismarckA dental emergency can occur at any time … if something should happen during your dentist’s regular office hours, chances are very good you will be seen the same day. But if a trauma or accident occurs; a throbbing toothache comes out of nowhere; or a tooth gets knocked out during the night or on the weekend, would you be ready to respond to this type of dental emergency? 

Since most people are not trained in emergency dentistry, familiarize yourself with some basic knowledge as well as what steps you should take to handle just such an emergency. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, coach, friend, or colleague you never know if you will be put in a position to respond to a dental emergency. 

Being equipped to handle a dental emergency should begin with knowing the name and contact information of the dental provider designated to handle emergencies. Many offices have an answering service that can direct you to that individual. Make sure contact information is readily available and posted in a prominent place.  

General knowledge such as putting pressure on a bleeding area is needed to control blood flow; ice is used to reduce swelling; and pain can be treated with an over the counter analgesic are helpful. But did you know that if a tooth is knocked out, a rapid response coupled with the correct steps might allow the patient to save their tooth? Replace the tooth and hold it in place, if possible. If not, put the tooth in a glass of milk or Save-A-Tooth solution taking care not to remove any attached tissue; do not touch the roots. Immediate treatment is important. 

A sudden throbbing toothache can mean any number of things … decay, infection, abscess … an exam with a dental x-ray will usually identify the problem.  

Prevention, a little knowledge, and preparation are assets that will prove very beneficial when it comes to handling any dental emergency.

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