Be the Hero in A Dental Emergency

emergency dentist BismarckHave you ever wondered what you would do if you or a family member knocked out a tooth? Do you know how to respond to common dental crises like tooth aches and broken crowns or bridges? Knowing how to respond to a dental crisis can reduce your loved ones’ discomfort, ease their minds, and protect precious dental structures. Our emergency dentist provides same-day and next-day treatment for knocked out and broken teeth, loose restorations, and toothaches.

Pack Dental Supplies in a First Aid Kit

Almost everyone knows how important it is to have a first aid kit, but many may not know the importance of including dental emergency supplies when stocking a first aid kit. Adding dental supplies to your kit can be of great help to yourself and those you care about.

Consider adding the following to your first aid kit:

  • Sterile gauze: this can be used to help control bleeding during a dental crisis.
  • Save-A-Tooth: Save-A-Tooth is a system that keeps the cells on the roots of teeth alive. When our teeth are knocked out, they can die in an hour without professional intervention or a system that can preserve them. Placing a tooth in the Save-A-Tooth solution can keep a tooth alive for 24-hours, which can help increase the likelihood that a dentist can reattach it.
  • Pain medication: any good first aid kit should have over-the-counter medication to control pain and inflammation.
  • Disposable ice packs: emergency ice packs can help reduce swelling associated with facial trauma and dental injuries.

Have the Number to an Emergency Dentist Handy

Within minutes of a dental crisis, you should be contacting a dentist who can provide emergency care. We recommend saving the number to a dental practice that treats dental emergencies in your mobile phone. The sooner you can call an oral healthcare provider, the sooner you can get treatment.

Our office provides same-day treatment for common oral health emergencies. Give our team at Brend Dental a call today for more information.

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