Missing teeth don’t just rob you of your smile – they can steal your ability to speak, eat and live a life that is healthy and happy. To help you to regain your smile and your lifestyle, we offer customized denture options for the replacement of your missing, natural teeth.

Understanding Dentures

To replace a complete row of missing teeth, we can create a custom-fitted, removable appliance known as a denture.

When all of the teeth in the jaw are missing, we will recommend a complete denture – a full row of artificial teeth.  To fill the spaces that have been left by just a few missing teeth in each jaw, we may recommend a partial denture – multiple artificial teeth designed to fit between the remaining natural teeth. A partial denture can help to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting.

The Benefits of Dentures:
  • A single, removable restoration to replace all of the teeth in the jaw.
  • A single, removable solution when only some of the natural teeth are missing.
  • Improves the smile and adds definition to the face, jaws, and lips.
  • Improves chewing ability, speech and personal confidence.
Designing Your Custom Denture

Each denture is made according to the specific proportions of your mouth, gums, and face. Our team will use measurements and dental impressions to design a denture that fits well and makes you feel like yourself. We’ll take care to ensure that your speech is clear, your facial profile is natural, and your smile looks realistic. To do so, we will work together with you to select the shade and position of the teeth and gums, confirming each detail before the denture is finally processed.

Denture Repair

Dentures are durable and able to sustain a fair amount of wear and tear. However, artificial teeth are not indestructible, and we offer denture repair services to get them back into working order.  Please contact our office immediately to learn more about having your denture repaired or having a new denture designed.