The Brend Dental team holds strongly to the belief that preventive dental care is the best possible strategy for great oral health. With preventive dental care, you and your family can enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles that are safeguarded against the oral diseases that can ruin your health. Cavities and gum disease are the most common oral health concerns, but our routine preventive dental services are also designed to tackle TMJ disorders and even oral cancer. We strive to prevent oral diseases from developing and we’ll work to stop existing oral conditions from progressing.

Our preventive dental care strategy includes routine dental cleanings and regular checkups along with personalized patient education and maintenance for chronic oral health conditions.

Routine Dental Checkups

It is a fact that most dental problems begin painlessly.  Without regularly scheduled examinations by a dentist, you may be unaware of a brewing dental problem until it has caused significant damage. We recommend scheduling a regular dental check-up every six months. If you are facing a chronic oral health problem, we may advise more frequent examinations. In addition to checking for cavities, we will screen your tissues for indications of oral cancer. During each routine exam, our team will also check your teeth and your existing restorations for signs of deterioration.

Your routine checkup is also a perfect time to discuss all of your concerns, from problems with your bite to your questions about cosmetic dentistry.

In children, we’ll assess the risk for cavities, provide kid-friendly oral hygiene instructions, and monitor growth and development patterns.

Cleanings and Oral Health Management

Preventative dental cleanings are recommended at least every six months for the removal of stubborn plaque, tartar, and stains. However, this valuable time with our dental hygiene team is also important for managing chronic dental conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease. Our dental hygienists have the expertise to identify harmful dental conditions and then craft a customized treatment plan to arrest or reverse them.

Embrace Great Oral Health

The pathway to a healthy smile begins with consistent preventive dental care. If you haven’t established a steady partnership with a health-oriented dentistry team, we invite you to contact our office for an appointment today.