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Dental Implants: A Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

dental implants BismarckDid you know that a dental implant could last for the rest of your life? These durable prosthetics have a very long lifespan whereas other tooth replacement options require frequent repairs and replacement. What makes dental implants so long-lasting is the fact that biological tissue can integrate with them through a process called osseointegration. If you’re interested in learning more about this tooth replacement method, we encourage you to speak with our implant dentist.

What makes up a dental implant?

A dental implant is constructed from titanium. This durable material is biocompatible with the body’s hard tissue. Once an implant is embedded into the jawbone, the bone will slowly fuse to its structure. With bone ultimately holding an implant in place, patients can enjoy comfortable oral function, a well-balanced diet, and preservation of their bone mass in their jaws.

Is a dental implant visible?

Although dental implants are made from titanium, their structure isn’t visible once permanent restorations or prosthetics are attached to them. This is because most of the implant’s structure is housed in your jawbone.

After your permanent restoration is affixed to your dental implant, your smile will look complete and natural. Implants can hold restorations like crowns and bridges or prosthetics like partial and full dentures. When these restorations and prosthetics are made from tooth-colored materials, your replacement teeth become indistinguishable from your biological ones.

Can I eat my favorite foods with dental implants?

Once dental implants are stabilized, patients can enjoy a level of oral function similar to that of natural teeth. Implants draw on bone for support, which enables patients to enjoy high levels of biting force to chew and tear food. This means a person with dental implants can eat chewy, fibrous, and dense food items like steak or celery without difficulty.

Am I a candidate for this procedure?

Dental implants are a great option for many people. Some folks with certain conditions may not be suitable candidates for implant dentistry. For instance, those with advanced gum disease, osteoporosis in the jaw, or conditions that affect healing may require another tooth replacement method.

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