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Dental Implants Restore Lost Teeth

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Have you recently lost one of your teeth? If so, you know the frustration that comes with a new gap in your smile. Not only can dental loss cause embarrassment with your new appearance, but left untreated, a missing tooth greatly affects your oral health. Fortunately, prosthodontic restorations can return important function to your bite while restoring your smile’s full look!

At your Bismarck, ND, dental practice, we can place a dental implant to connect a restoration directly to the bone of your jaw. This provides unique support for the health of your bone while securing your treatment for years to come. Protecting your jaw and preserving your alignment can help you prevent potentially losing additional teeth in the future, so do not wait to seek care!

The Harm Of A Missing Tooth

Your bite functions best when each one of your teeth aligns properly. A single lost tooth disrupts this process and can begin to affect the function of all remaining teeth in your mouth. Neighbors begin to drift into the open space and you may awkwardly shift your jaw to account for the new gap. As certain teeth take the additional force of your bite, their enamel may erode and lead to issues with decay, physical breakage, and discoloration. Because your teeth support the structure of your face, losing a tooth can cause your muscles to sink in and give a more aged appearance. For these reasons, you should seek a restoration before damage advances.

Placing Your Dental Implant

To replace your missing tooth, we can place a titanium post directly into the bone of your jaw. As you recover from surgery, the tissues of your mouth fuse with the post to secure it in place. The post mimics the function of your tooth’s root when connecting a restoration above your gumline. We can connect a dental crown, bridge, or set of dentures depending on the extent of your loss. Your implant will now transfer the force of your bite and stimulate nerves within your jaw whenever you chew. This provides a vital signal to your brain to provide nutrients and minerals that maintain bone density. Without a dental implant, losing your tooth threatens the integrity of your jaw as the body no longer believes it is in use and redirects materials such as calcium elsewhere.

Your Bismarck, ND Dentist Is Ready To Replace Your Missing Tooth!

Losing a tooth can be upsetting, but a professional replacement can restore satisfaction to your smile! A dental implant can support your bite, return its alignment, and help maintain the health of your jaw. For more information on this procedure or any other, call your Bismarck, ND dental office at (701) 255-2467.

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