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Eliminate tough dental stains with teeth whitening

cosmetic dentistry BismarckTeeth whitening is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve the look of your smile. A simple, one-hour appointment is all it takes to lighten your teeth as much as five to ten shades. If your teeth have a yellowish look to them, talk to your dentist about the possibility of having them professionally whitened.

Tooth Whitening Procedures

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening can be performed right in the dentist’s office, and only takes about an hour. Your dentist uses a special gel that contains a powerful bleaching agent. It’s applied directly to the surfaces of your teeth and left for about twenty minutes, during which time it breaks down the stains on your teeth. This process is performed three times for each appointment. Sometimes, the whitener is activated with a special light, which allows for even more intense whitening results.

You should see results right away, with your teeth becoming even whiter over the next several days. However, if your teeth don’t respond as well as you’d like to in-office whitening, you could ask your dentist about a take-home kit. These professional-strength kits allow for a deeper whitening process, since you apply the whitener twice a day using a custom-made tray, leaving your teeth exposed for about fifteen minutes each time. A full course of take-home treatment usually takes about two weeks.

Will Whitening Fix My Stained Teeth?

If your discoloration affects only the outer surfaces of your teeth, they should respond well to teeth whitening. This type of staining, called extrinsic staining, is caused by exposure to dark-colored foods, beverages, and other substances including:

Whitening treatments break down this type of stain and leave your teeth looking much whiter.

However, some discoloration affects the deeper layers of the teeth. This is called intrinsic staining, and can be more difficult to treat. Intrinsic staining often occurs while the teeth are developing as a result of exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride and to certain medications, particularly antibiotics. If you have intrinsic staining, you might require veneers to achieve the look you prefer for your teeth.

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