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Upgrade Denture Stability with Dental Implants

dentures Bismarck NDA primary complaint from patients who choose conventional dentures is that the appliances gradually lose their fit over time. Implant-supported dentures, such as All-on-4, offer a more stable and durable solution for tooth loss.

With All-on-4, four dental implants are inserted into the patient’s jaw. Over time, they are osseointegrated into the jaw. That is, the bone forms a strong bond with the titanium surface of the implants. An implant dentist then places a denture that is specifically designed to slide over the implants and lock into place.

An implant-supported denture is more secure initially because the physical connection between the bone and the implant is far more reliable than even the strongest denture adhesive. All-on-4 dental implants are much less likely to have an inopportune slip-up than standard dentures.

Working with an implant dentist to get All-on-4 also gives the patient more stability in the long term. The dental implants essentially function like artificial tooth roots, which allows them to preserve the integrity of the jawbone. With conventional prosthetics, which fail to replace the root structure of the tooth, the jaw slowly erodes over time, causing dentures to lose their fit and become uncomfortable for the patient.

Therefore, patients who get All-on-4 are able to keep their dentures in place for decades, as long as they practice good oral hygiene habits and closely follow the implant dentist’s instructions to maintain the dental implants and dentures.

In addition to their stability, All-on-4 dental implants feel more comfortable. The root-like connection between the denture and jaw feels more lifelike than conventional dentures. Implant-supported dentures are also able to tolerate stronger forces, so patients are able to chew more naturally. Patients who choose All-on-4 can eat a more complete diet, within reason.

Are you looking for a more permanent and secure tooth replacement solution? Schedule a consultation at Brend Dental to learn more about how dental implants and All-on-4 can upgrade your smile.

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