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When Is A Dental Crown Necessary?

dental crown BismarckIn the amazing landscape of the field of dentistry, there is an arsenal of tools and restorative options at a patient’s disposal. One such treatment option is a dental crown. Let’s start by examining what a dental crown really is and then we will discuss some of their more common uses.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is often referred to as a cap. This is because it completely covers the part of the tooth which remains above the gum line. Many dental crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic, but other materials are widely available. The porcelain and ceramic crowns can be colored to closely match neighboring teeth, so they look natural.

When Dental Crowns are Necessary

There are many different situations where a dental crown may be necessary. If a tooth has been susceptible to decay and a large filling is required, a crown may be necessary to protect and strengthen the tooth. Sometimes a tooth may be broken due to trauma, and a dental crown is needed to repair it. A dental crown may also be used to attach a dental bridge or as the final restoration in the dental implant process. Additionally, they are used to cover and protect teeth which have undergone root canal treatments.

What is the Process Like?

Placing a dental crown typically involves two trips to the dentist. First, impressions of the tooth will be taken, and it will be prepared to receive the crown. Many times, a temporary crown is placed while the permanent crown is fabricated in a dental laboratory. When it is ready, a second dental visit will be necessary to have it placed. The permanent crown will be cemented into place to become a permanent structure in your mouth.

If you have been told you need a dental crown, or you think you might, schedule an appointment with our team at Brend Dental today. We will be happy to help you explore your options to achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile.

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