Will dentures affect my speech?

dentures Bismarck NDDentures are an appliance commonly used to replace damaged or missing teeth. People may have a full or partial set and they may be permanent or removable. In any case, they will take some getting used to and there will be an adjustment period. It is during this period that you will learn to function with and care for your new appliance. It is important to follow the directions given by your dentist during this time.

Adjusting to Dentures

The adjustment period is typically short although it does vary with each patient and type of appliance. During this time, you will learn to speak and chew with your new teeth.

Dentures may initially affect speech during the adjustment period. Some people may have trouble pronouncing certain letters of the alphabet, but this is temporary and diminishes with practice.

Dental appliances don’t always have a negative effect on speech. When missing teeth are replaced, people may find that they speak more clearly after receiving dentures. There may still be a short adjustment period and it may be necessary to practice until you get used to your new appliance.

Tips and Tricks for Adjusting

Adjusting to a new appliance in your mouth can take some getting used to but there are a few tips that can make it a little easier. In the beginning, try to speak slowly until the muscles in your oral cavity adjust. Spend some time practicing difficult letters or speech patterns in private. Reading out loud can be very helpful in learning to speak comfortably with a new oral appliance.

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